Reconstruction Part Deux in the AM!

Tomorrow is the big day! I’ve got a 7am appointment with my plastic surgeon to complete the last step of my reconstruction. By 10am, I’ll have a perfect (or at least as perfect as I can get) pair of boobs!!

I’ve healed very quickly and better then I was expecting to, so my doctor feels comfortable moving forward with putting the implants in now. I’m a little nervous, because you never really can tell what a particular size implant will do for you until it’s in there, but I feel confident that Dr. Harper knows what I want, and won’t take me above that size.

Because I’ve had radiation in my right boob, Dr. Harper said there is a small chance my tissue in that boob will reject the implant. If that happens, I would start to develop a lot of scar tissue surrounding the implant, and they would ultimately have to be removed. Please say an extra prayer for me tonight that my body cooperates and that removal isn’t necessary!!

I’m hopeful I’ll feel as good as I did in the days after my first surgery, but have heard that I may be much more restricted in my movements after the implants because they’ll be going under my muscle. My first surgery didn’t really touch anything muscle related…it was all removal of scar / dead tissue. This time around, the doctor will be cutting through my muscle to get the implant in…which I’m told results in quite a bit of discomfort for the first few weeks. Fortunately, it’s the holidays and all I really have to do is lay around, eat too much unhealthy food, and spend time with family.

In my last blog I said that I’d be sharing some exciting news in this next blog….but that unfortunately is going to have to wait for another week or two. Still working on ironing out a few of the fine details before I’m ready to share.

And finally, because the whole reason for this blog is hair…I wanted to share a collage I put together last week. I’ve said all along that taking regular pictures of my hair growing back would remind me that my hair is actually growing, despite my constant griping that it’s not growing fast enough. Well, these photos showed me exactly how far I’ve come in the last two years…

I’ve progressed from my “Gollum” phase, made a quick stop at “No Country For Old Men” (think Javier Bardem), and am finally starting to look like my old self again. It truly is amazing the difference two years can make.

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season full of joy and happiness!!  No hair photo updates this time, hasn’t been long enough since the last ones :)

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4 Responses to “Reconstruction Part Deux in the AM!”

  1. Elaine Embrey

    Good luck, Nicole. Yes, there is pain whenever you cut muscle, but you can get through it. I was on narcotics for four days and then switched to one Extra Strength Tylenol and one Motrin for the next few weeks. I slept in my LazyBoy chair for a month but it’s all doable. Prayers are on their way.

  2. Wanda Williams

    Good Luck sweet girl! Thoughts and Prayers are with you!

  3. John Dixon

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Nicole. No doubt you can sense the positive coming from so many who know, love, and respect you.


  4. Maria

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I just had my final stage of reconstruction completed on the 18th. My prayers are with you and all of our BC sisters.

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