Onto Round Three….

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and messages I’ve received since posting my last blog about Andrew and I getting engaged.  I continue to be amazed and overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I’m continuously shown through this blog and life in general.

Since I last wrote about my reconstruction progress, I’ve had another follow-up appointment with Dr. Harper.  He did confirm that I need to go back for round 3 in what I’m calling the never ending boob job.  Timing isn’t immediate, but with a wedding quickly approaching, and a two week honeymoon booked in the south pacific (yay!!), I was really pushing for sooner rather than later.  We came to an agreement on July.  That will give my boobs 6 months to heal from the last surgery, and will give be about 4 months to heal before the wedding.

I had previously said that my third surgery would just be repositioning of my nipple and injection of fat under my lumpectomy scar.  Plans have changed slightly.  Dr. Harper will still reposition my nipple, but instead of the fat injection, he’s going to swap out the implant on my right side.

If you’ve never held an implant in your hand, which I’m guessing most of you haven’t, they feel like you’re holding a balloon made of industrial strength rubber full of smooth, jelly like substance…very smooth and very flexible and can be manipulated very easily.  If you press on one end of the implant, the inside contents shift very easily to the opposite end causing a bulge.  The elasticity of the implant allows for a more natural look once they’ve been inserted.  A good thing.

Unfortunately for me, because the implants can be manipulated and reshaped so easily, my lumpectomy scar and the firmness of my radiated skin are causing the implant to sit higher than the implant on my left side.  It’s not noticeable to the average person…you can really only notice it when I don’t have a bra on….or when I’m wearing a sports bra.  But it’s enough to bother me and want to get it fixed.

The new implant Dr. Harper wants to replace my existing one with holds its shape under pressure.  If you push on one end of the implant, the contents inside don’t displace very much at all…and my right boob should keep its intended shape better.

So that’s the new plan.  If my lumpectomy scar is still flat with the new implant, he’ll go back in at the end of the year and do the fat injection…and I’ll get my free lipo….but for now, let’s hope third time is the charm :)

Photos from 120 weeks phost chemo are below…

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  1. Kathy Walsh

    What an inspiration! Blessings as you prepare for your wedding!!

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