New Year, New Name, New Job….So Much To Be Thankful For

Happy New Year!!  It’s been sooooooooo long since my last update, but life has been an absolute whirlwind the last few months.

The biggest thing that’s happened is that Andrew and I are finally married!!! We tied the knot on October 26th and aside from one small snafu with my bouquet, the day was perfect!  The food, cake, location, décor, music, pictures, dress, hair, etc. were all amazing and made for an unforgettable day to spend with our close family and friends. 

Now comes the decision of determining my new name…Nicole Elizabeth Golomb, Nicole Bills Golomb, Nicole Elizabeth Bills-Golomb….or go the completely untraditional route and put the responsibility of name changing back on my new husband…Andrew Bills.  Ha, just kidding on that one.  I know Andrew would pretty much anything for me, but changing his name is where he’d draw the line J

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the wedding.  If you want to see a full run down of the day, you can check them out here:

After the wedding, we headed to the French Polynesia for an unbelievable two weeks of rest and relaxation…and much needed after the last few months of wedding planning.  By no means was I a bridezilla, but I definitely was stressed out by the time the wedding arrived thanks to my love of being in control of things and my DIY mentality.

And because getting married wasn’t enough, I decided to accept a new position at work and started my new job my first day back after the wedding.  This new job involves travel to India and the Philippines four times a year and the first trip was in December.  So three weeks after we got home from the honeymoon, I set off half way around the world to spend two weeks in India.  I’m definitely racking up the airline miles!!

On the boob front, I’ve seen Dr. Harper a few times over the last few months.  Twice he’s put more fluid into my expander.  It’s got a whopping 330 cc’s of fluid in there now…which is about 120 cc’s more then I have in the implant on my left side.  I’m very lopsided again and feel like all the work he did back in September to make me look more proportional was a complete waste at this point…even though I know that they were necessary in the long run.

I see him again the middle of February and should know more about what the plan is there year in regards to my construction.  I know I’ve got at least one if not two fat grafting sessions where he’ll inject fat on top of my expander.  And then finally swapping out the expander for a new implant….all of course dependent on when babies potentially happen.

I’m excited to see all that 2014 will hold and continue to be amazed by the love and support I receive from my friends and family.

The photos below are from December…I’ve honestly lost track of the exact number of weeks at this point point but these are from approximately 3 years 1 month post chemo….

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4 Responses to “New Year, New Name, New Job….So Much To Be Thankful For”

  1. Andrew

    Great wedding and an even greater bride!!! Love you babe!

  2. Jennifer

    I came across your blog searching for hair growth pictures. I lost all of my hair to bleaching. Sad, isn’t it? I caused my own hair loss and it was within my control. It was healthy and beautiful before. Somehow I wouldn’t change this whole experience because it taught me so many lessons. Anyway, it’s now a pixie and I am just kinda spending time in the house as of now. To see these recent wedding pics completely gave me hope that if your hair can grow back, so can mine. I start college in the fall, but might defer, because I want my hair back first. Thank you for creating this blog because you gave me the hope I needed today.

  3. Sam

    Hi there,
    I’ve followed your blog since googling hair regrowth etc.
    I’m 31 and was diagnosed June 28 last year, I’ve done the chemo and had a bilateral mastectomy so just waiting to meet with my cosmetic surgeon and plan the recon.
    I constantly refer back to your blog depending on where I’m at in my treatment…I’ve been on tamoxifen for only 2 weeks and have sneakily stopped again, the stomach bloating and weight gain was getting ridiculous!!! Not to mention mood swings, headaches and hot flushes.
    So I’m just going to get back on track and lose my Xmas weight and then maybe start again??? I don’t know, I’m just so over treatments you know?
    Anyway, congrats on getting through it and still living life along the way, hope your boobies turn out FAB! Lol
    Sam x

  4. Deanna

    I have been following your blog since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2012. I am almost one year post chemo and feeling very blessed to be doing well. Of all the changes I went through, losing my hair was probably the hardest. It is so encouraging to see your pictures and see you back to where you started. Your wedding pictures are beautiful and it warms my heart to see you healthy, happy and moving forward with your life. May 2014 bring you many blessings!!

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